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36 - 1 - 20 Kadashevskaja nab.
Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 951 91 17
Mob: +7 916 141 62 77


5000 hours of documentaries on Betacam SP PAL, 50 000 reels on 35/16 mm film - all events of Russian/Soviet history, many events of World history of XX century. Films, newsreels, clips, raw non-edited footage.
Russia, Soviet Union, USSR, Moscow, Kremlin, Red Square, Petrograd, revolution 1917, Civil War, Communist Party, KGB, Gulag, trials, executions, World War I, World War II, battle actions, victims, POWs, ruins, refugees, famine, Stalingrad, Leningrad, blockade, Cold War, Red/Soviet Army, maneuvers, parades, Baikonur, Sputnik, Gagarin, Siberia, Arctic, Chernobyl, Perestroika, Chechnya, A-bombs, space, missiles, aviation, tanks, submarines, railroads, oil, industry, agriculture, espionage, disasters, science, art, architecture, culture, ballet, Bolshoi Theatre, Leo Tolstoy, Orthodox Church, sport, medicine, nature, ethnography, travels, everyday life.
Germany, Berlin, nazism, fascism, concentration camps, prisoners, Holocaust, Palestine, Jerusalem, Spain, Madrid 1936, Budapest 1956, Praha 1968, Japan, Hiroshima, China, Tibet, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan.
Nicholas II, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Khrushev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin, Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Chiang Kai-Chek, Mao Tse Tung, Dalai Lama, Kim Il Sang, Castro.
Film and television research. Contacts with state archives, private collections and copyright owners in Russia. Retrieval of exclusive materials from hard-to-reach sources. Review, selection and presentation of material for editing on a DVD-video PAL/.mov/.mp4 files with time-code. Recording of selected clips on Betacam SP PAL/Digi Beta PAL. Copyright clearance and negotiating.

  • Konstantin Osin
    Tel: ++7 495 951 91 17
    Russian Federation
  • Evgeny Nagaytsev
    Tel: ++7 495 951 41 52
    Mob: ++7 916 141 62 77
    36- 1- 20 Kadashevskaja nab.
    Russian Federation