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WGBH Stock Sales

One Guest Street
United States

Tel: +1 617 300 3939


WGBH Stock Sales is the stock footage licensing division of WGBH, Boston which produces more primetime and Web content than any other public television station in the US. The collection includes footage from NOVA, NOVA Science Now, Frontline, Frontline/World, American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, Rx for Survival, Evolution, Zoom and numerous other programs, dating back over 50 years. WGBH Stock Sales also licenses web content. The WGBH Stock Sales website includes searchable and downloadable clips as well as a text database. Recently a unique HD collection on Global Health was added to the site.

WGBH Stock Sales is part of the WGBH Media Library and Archives, which preserves, catalogues, and provides access to materials produced by WGBH. It currently houses more than more than 500,000 items. WGBH Open Vault ( provides public access to materials from the WGBH archive.