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Kilroy, Daniel

3 Brooklands Mews
Oxford Road
SK11 8JY
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7446132331
Mob: +44 7446132331


Archive Producer who has strong experience in Factual, Comedy and Sport. I have credits for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, E4, Sky One, CITV, Channel 5, Nat Geo, Netflix, Discovery and Advertising.. Experience in managing archive budgets, sourcing material, advising on archive programmes, clearing 3rd parties, fair dealing practices and a whole range of worldwide archive contacts.
Can consult on rights for Sport, Music, Documentaries, Comedy and UGC Programmes.



The Last Leg Live From Rio ( Openmike/Channel 4, 2016, Archive Producer- Live peak time show covering the Paralympics from Rio.)
Sachin (200 Not Out/ Theatrical Release , 2016, Archive Producer- Feature Film about Indian Cricket star Sachin Tendulkar.)
When TV Goes Wrong (Crackit Productions/Channel 5, 2016, Archive Producer- 2 Hour Entertainment List show for peak Channel 5.)
100 Years of Movie Musicals (Spungold TV/Channel 4 , 2016, Archive Producer- 2 Hour Documentary on Musicals.)
Black Mirror (House of Tomorrow/Netflix , 2016, Archive Producer- Emmy award winning Drama series.)
Charlie Brooker's End Of Year Wipe (House Of Tomorrow/BBC , 2016, Archive Producer- Comedy Archive review of the year show for BBC 2.)
The Rat Pack (Zeppotron/BBC Films , 2016, Archive Producer- BBC Film about Snooker in the 1970s and 80s, working with the Director to find footage from the era so they could recreate sets and providing footage and clearance for archive sections of the film.)
Roman Lights (Image Nation/Theatrical Release , 2016, Archive Producer- Feature Film Football Documentary based on the UAE Football team that qualified for the 1990 World Cup. Sourcing/licencing footage from Fifa and host broadcasters in the Emirates.)
Secret Societies (Like A Shot Entertainment/Discovery Channel , 2015, Archive Producer- Archive Documentary for International series based on cults around the world.)
2000's Greatest Tragedies (Archive programme based around News stories from 2000-2010. Sourcing archive, setting up shoots and casting contributors., 2015, Archive Producer- Archive programme based around News stories from 2000-2010. Sourcing archive, setting up shoots and casting contributors.)
Pilot (Talkback , 2015, Producer- Archive Entertainment/Comedy pilot sourcing clips, scripting, developing themes and ideas into packages.)
Russell Howard Good News (Avalon/BBC 2 , 2014, Archive Producer- Liaising with Russell and writers to produce studio inserts tapes with topical clips from the week. Cutting sketches on studio day, cutting guest VT's. Sourcing/licencing archive from around the world.)
The Inbetweeners Go (Bwark/Channel 4 , 2014, Edit Producer- List clip show for The Inbetweeners. Packaging clips into narratives, script writing, pulling sync from interviews, producing VT's on each of the characters.)
90'S Greatest Football Moments & Tragedies (TwoFour/Nat Geo , 2014, Archive Producer Sourcing and licencing archive for 2x60min Documentary based on the years 1990-1999. Licencing sports rights from Fifa, Uefa, Premier League and News archive from sources around the World. )
Charlie Brooker's: Video Games That Changed The World (Zeppotron/Channel 4 , 2013, Assistant Archive Producer- List archive show about the rise of Video Games.)
World's Weirdest Animals: Body Parts (Wag TV/Nat Geo , 2013, Assistant producer- Archive based entertainment wildlife show for US broadcaster. )
Bear Grylls Extreme Survival Caught On Camera (Betty/Discovery Channel, 2013, Archive Producer- List clip show, developing ideas, speaking to contributors, conducting phone interviews and source/licence archive.)
Lionel Richie Music Special (ITV Studios/ITV1 , 2012, Archive Assistant Producer- Sourcing and clearing archive, managing budget, contributing ideas of themes/locations for VT's and dealing with talent on studio days.)
Elizabeth Taylor: A Tribute (BBC/BBC Two , 2011, Archive Assistant producer- Documentary on Hollywood idol, finding contributors worldwide to discuss Liz's life, securing locations, dealing with agents, sourcing/licencing archive, writing interview questions and biogs.)