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Brennan, Mhairi

c/o FOCAL International
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7958 474 358

I am a highly skilled Archive Producer / Researcher working in film and television, with experience in the following areas:
> Researching and sourcing footage and stills from a wide variety of international sources
> Sourcing UCG and unusual, rare and specialist footage
> Negotiating best rates for footage
> Licensing, clearance and other rights
> working to tight schedules and budgets
> Making a creative contribution to projects
>Working either independently or as part of a production team


Referendum Documentaries: Scotland's Smoking Gun (BBC , 2014, Archive Producer)
Referendum Documentaries: Margo (BBC , 2014, Archive Producer)
Referendum Documentaries: How the Campaign Was Won (BBC , 2014)
Referendum Documentaries: Alex Salmond: The Rebel Years (BBC , 2014, Archive Producer)
Referendum Documentaries: Referendum Connections (BBC , 2014, Archive Producer)
Boycotts and Broken Dreams: The Story of the Commonwealth Games 1986 (BBC Sport, 2014, Archivist)
HMS Timbertown (BBC Alba (Gaelic Language), 2014, Archivist)
My Story Series II (Cbeebies, 2013, Archive Researcher)
My Story Series I (Cbeebies, 2012, Archive Researcher)
Onassis (Daybreak Pictures, 2012, Archive Researcher)
The People Speak: A History of Dissidence in the UK (History Channel, 2012, Archive Producer)
America: The Story of Us (Nutopia / History Channel, 2010, Archive Researcher / Researcher)
He Kills Coppers (ITV Drama, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Scotland's Home Movies (BBC Scotland, 2015, Archivist)
Million Dollar American Princesses Series II (Finestripe / Smithsonian Channel, Archive Producer)