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Lewis, Mike

2 Lido House
Northfield Avenue
W13 9LD
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8567 9932
Mob: +44 (0)7811 268343


Mike is a very experienced archive specialist in television production, with considerable prior experience in footage sales and archive management. He possess a good track record & interest in a number of fields working in areas as broad as - Science, Drama, History and Comedy. His other interests & specialisms include; Environmental and Human Rights Issues, World War Two, The British Royal Family and The Middle East and is also a Newsreel specialist. He has very good historical knowledge; keeps abreast of current affairs and is adept and managing budgets. He is particularly experienced in dealing with overseas archive sources. Additionally, Mike has good editing experience both with Avid & Final Cut Pro.



The British (Nutopia / Sky Atlantic / BBC Worldwide, 2012, Archive Producer)
World's Toughest Expeditions with James Cracknell (Zodiak / Bullseye / Discovery, 2012, Archive Producer)
A Picture of Health (True North / BBC1 (TX 2012), 2011, Archive Producer)
The Story of the Music Hall (Zodiak / IWC Media / BBC4, 2011, Archive Producer)
Ultimate Travel (Zodiak / Bullseye / Travel Channel, 2011, Archive Producer)
Murdoch: The Mogul Who Screwed The News (Fresh One / C4, 2011, Archive Producer)
Cutting Edge: The Craigslist Murders (Blast Films / A&E / C4, 2011, Archive Producer)
William & Kate (ZDF / ZDF Neo, 2011, Archive Producer)
Winston Churchill: Behind the scenes (BBC Multi-platform, 2010, Footage Researcher)
SuperMe (Somethin' Else / Channel 4 Education, 2010, Archive Producer)
The Story of Science (BBC Science / BBC2, 2010, Footage Researcher)
Intimate Occupation (CC&C / TF1, 2010, Footage Researcher)
Chemistry: A Volatile History (BBC Science / BBC4, 2010, Footage Researcher)
Lexus Corporate Promo (Atticus Finch / Lexus, 2010, Footage Researcher)
Games Britannia (BBC Arts / BBC4, 2009, Footage Researcher)
The Secret Life of Twins (BBC Science / BBC1 / TLC, 2009, Footage Researcher)
Crashes That Changed Flying (Wall to Wall / Discovery, 2009, Footage Researcher)
Backstairs Billy: The Queen Mum's Butler (Wall to Wall / Channel 4, 2009, Footage Researcher)
Dispatches: Don't Bank on The Bail Out (Wall to Wall / Channel 4, 2008, Footage Researcher)
Apocalypse: WWII in Colour & HD (CC&C / France 2 / Nat Geo, 2009, Footage Researcher)
Surviving Disaster (Pilot episode) (Wall to Wall / Spike, 2008, Footage Researcher)
Britain's Bravest (Fever Media / Five, 2008, Footage Researcher)
House of Saddam (BAFTA TV Award Nominee) (BBC Drama / BBC2 / HBO, 2008, Footage Researcher)
Virgin Memories (Touch Productions / BBC2, 2007, Footage Researcher)
Dispatches: Kidnapped to Order (Blakeway-3BM / Channel 4, 2007, Footage Researcher)
Time Trumpet (Armando Ianucci comedy) (BBC2, 2006, Footage Researcher)
Who Do You Think You Are? (Series 3) (Wall to Wall / BBC1, 2006, Footage Researcher)
Every Prime Minister Needs a Willie (BBC4 & BBC2, 2006, Footage Researcher)