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Morrow, William

244 Fifth Avenue, #2768
New York
New York
United States

Tel: +1 646 567 6685
Mob: +1 646 567 6685


Stock footage, film research, copyright clearance, project co-ordination and archive management. Co-founder of the independent stock footage agencies, Third Millennium Films and Footage File/  Extensive knowledge and experience with North American and European archives. Interests include British and French history, cinema and pop culture.


World Without Borders (Cinetv/ARTE, Footage Researcher)
The Corporation (Big Picture Media, Footage Researcher)
Stolen (Persistence of Visions Films, Footage Researcher)
Victim 001 (ITV 2, Footage Researcher)
Top Ten Easy Listening (Chrysalis Productions, Footage Researcher)
American Masters: Marilyn - Still Life (PBS, Footage Researcher)
The Cats of Mirikitani (Lucid Dreaming, Footage Researcher)
Fahrenheit 9/11 (Westside Productions, Footage Researcher)
American Masters: Atlantic Records - The House That Ahmet Built (Educational Broadcasting, Footage Researcher)
Top 25 series (KPI Productions/ OLN, Footage Researcher)
Megastructues: Steel (KPI Productions, Footage Researcher)
American Masters: Beverly Sills - Made in The USA (Thirteen, Footage Researcher)
Technology of Orgasm (One Brain Productions, Footage Researcher)
CSI New York (CBS Productions, Footage Researcher)
Traveler (Warner Bros. Television, Footage Researcher)
American Experience: Las Vegas (PBS, Footage Researcher)
Too Hot Not to Handle (HBO, Footage Researcher)
Lost in Translation (Focus Features, Footage Researcher)
THE FILTHY RICH GUIDE 2 (CNBC, 2015, Archive Producer)
LOCKERBIE PROJECT (Unreleased) (InVision Productions, 2015, Archive research for documentary about the Pan Am 103 bombing)
MUSIC IN MALI (Kanaga System Khrush Records, 2015, Archive research for documentary film about music and political turmoil in Mali.)
Main Street Films doc (Main Street Films, 2017, Archive Producer)
Inspiring Stories (Elle, 2017, Archive Producer)
Mysteries at the Museum Season 14 (Travel Channel, 2016, Archivist)
War on Drugs (History Channel, 2016, Archive Producer)