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Read, Beatrice

NW10 5DE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 07841595210

Experience in a variety of programming including documentaries (current affairs, history, science and music), dramas and commercials. Skilled in handling complicated clearances including third parties and delivering programmes to budget.


LA92 (Lightbox/National Geographic, 2016, Archive Producer)
various US commercials (Stalkr, Archive Producer)
Prince of Pennsylvannia (Raw TV/ESPN '30 for 30', 2015, Archive Producer)
Mona Lisa Takes New York (Christie's , 2015, Archive Producer)
The Little Master (ESPN '30 for 30', 2015, Archive Producer)
The Possibilities are Endless (Pulse Films/Theatrical, 2014, Archive Producer)
Blackout (Raw TV/Channel 4, National Geographic, 2013, Archive Producer)
Zumba Madame (Raw TV/TLC, 2013, Archive Producer)
Sandy: Anatomy of a Superstorm (Dragonfly/BBC2, 2012, Archive Producer)
The Town That Caught Tourette's (Raw TV/Channel 4, 2012, Archive Producer)
9/11: Heroes of the 88th Floor (Darlow Smithson/TLC, 2011, Archive Producer)
Seconds From Disaster (Darlow Smithson/National Geographic, 2011, Archive Researcher)
Mermaids (1 x 90) (Darlow Smithson/Discovery, 2010, Archive Researcher)
What the Green Movement Got Wrong (Darlow Smithson/Channel 4, 2010, Archive Researcher)
British Muslims (Gazelle Media, 2010, Archive Researcher)
Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny (1 x 90) (Moriah Films, 2009, UK based Archive Researcher)
Blur: No Distance Left To Run (1 x 90) (Pulse Films/Cinema release, BBC, 2009, Archive Producer)
True Stories (5 x 60mins) (Blink Films/Smithsonian, Five, History Channel UK, Disco Canada, BBC Worldwide, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Big, Bigger, Biggest (Windfall Films/National Geographic Int, Five, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Breakout (Raw TV/National Geographic/ITV4/CBC, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash (Darlow Smithson/Channel 4, Discovery, 2009, Archive Producer)
Atlantic Convoys: The War at Sea (Darlow Smithson/Channel 4, The History Channel, Smithsonian, National Geographic International, 2008, Archive Researcher)
Rutka's Diary (1 x 40 mins) (Darlow Smithson/BBC, 2008, Archive Researcher)
The Diary of Anne Frank (5 x 30 mins drama) (Darlow Smithson/BBC, 2007, Archive Researcher)
Impact Earch (1 x 90 mins drama) (Darlow Smithson/Discovery/Five, 2007, Archive Researcher)
True Heroes (20 x 30 mins) (Darlow Smithson/Discovery, 2007, Archive Researcher)
Buzz on the Moon (1 x 50 mins opera) (Tiger Aspect/C4, 2006, Archive Researcher)
How Music Works - Howard Goodall (4 x 60 mins) (Tiger Aspect/C4, 2006, Archive Researcher)
Scary Movie: A History of Fear (1 x 120 mins) (Visual Voodoo/C4, 2005, Archive Researcher)