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About FOCAL International

What is FOCAL International?

FOCAL International (The Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries International) is a specialist, professional, not-for-profit trade association and the pre-eminent voice and leading authority on audio visual archives.

What is our purpose?

Facilitate the use of library footage, images, stills and audio in all forms of media production
Promote our members - libraries selling content plus those whose serve the industry
Provide a platform for our members to promote themselves and their interests
Encourage good practise in the research, licensing, copyright clearance and use of footage
Support, promote and educate on the need to preserve and restore footage and content
Act as an information resource for the footage and content industry
Offer training in key skills and in the broader appreciation of the footage & content industry
Update on copyright and legal issues affecting our industry through the advocacy work FOCAL undertakes on behalf of its members

Who are our members?

300 international companies and individuals:

Footage & Content Companies
libraries selling and licensing clips and footage for use all forms of media production

Skills & Services Companies
facilities providing technical support e.g. post production, restoration, digital asset management

Skills & Services Individuals
professional footage researchers, archive producers and consultants, copyright experts etc

What do we do?

The FOCAL International Awards
Footage & Content Finder
Skills & Services Finder
Footage & Content Directory
Skills & Services Directory
Advocacy Work
Jane Mercer Footage Training Grant
Conferences and seminars
Networking and exhibitions
Partnership with other Trade Association and their events


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