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The FOCAL International Committees seek to implement the objectives of the organisation. All such work is carried out on a voluntary basis.


The Editorial Committee meets quarterly to plan the content of FOCAL International's Archive Zones journal - one of the leading sources of news and information for the industry, offering a platform for debate on issues of common concern, and an opportunity for members to promote themselves through copy and advertising.

Events & Exhibitions

The FOCAL Events & Exhibitions Committee is a committee made up of FOCAL International members and chaired by a member of the FOCAL Executive who reports back to the FOCAL Executive. The key purpose of this committee is to propose and consider ideas for, plan and review implementation of a) its own FOCAL International events to ensure promotion of all its members (like the now high profile FOCAL International Awards), and b) FOCAL’s attendance at various trade and industry events both in the UK and globally.


The Finance Committee oversees the setting of FOCAL International's annual budget and ensures that the organisation trades within those budgets approved by the Executive Council.

Researchers Steering Group

Our purpose is to provide a platform giving support to fellow Researchers, an opportunity to share common concerns and to collectively promote and give advice on good working practice.


The Committee's mission is to promote and provide training for the archive footage industry and its associated areas, to raise awareness of the need for training and to assist in formulating and monitoring training policy throughout the audio-visual industry. The Committee also has the responsibility for administering the Jane Mercer Memorial Fund.

Web Committee

This committee supports FOCAL International by identifying opportunities for FOCAL International to maximise the use of the internet on behalf of its members.