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FOCAL International Executive - Key Principles

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1. Adhere to the key principles and objectives of FOCAL International i.e. to promote all aspects of the archival footage business.
2. Attendance at all Executive meetings in person if possible, having read the Minutes of the previous meeting in advance and followed up any action points for which you are responsible. An attendance record will be maintained for the purpose of reporting at the AGM..
3. Where an Executive Member or deputy has been absent for 3 consecutive meetings, the Chair may use discretion to ask the Executive Member to stand down.
4. Membership of a relevant committee (given an individuals’ interest or expertise).
5. Contribute to all FOCAL International initiatives.
6. In Executive decision making, to objectively represent FOCAL International’s best interest, not necessarily their own company interest.
7. Speak on behalf of FOCAL International at conferences etc.
8. Treat FOCAL International Executive business as confidential unless publicity and promotion of the decisions is agreed.
9. Any action taken on behalf of FOCAL International should be agreed with the Executive first.
10. Keep FOCAL International Executive abreast of issues that affect the business in North America, Europe, Australasia and UK as appropriate.
11. Assist with membership drives in areas where FOCAL International is not well represented.
12. Publicise and recommend the work of FOCAL International to your clients and contacts with the specific aim of bringing in at least one or two new members a year.
14. Ensure that your or your company’s entry is up to date on the FOCAL International website and in the Member’s Directory.