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Serge Viallet to give Jane Mercer Memorial Lecture

10 April 2013

SERGE VIALLET to present the Jane Mercer Memorial Lecture 2013
Mysteries in the Archives - “Images tell stories, and we tell the story of the images.”

PHOTO: Serge Viallet winning the FOCAL International Award for Best Use of Footage in a Training or Eductation Production in 2009 for Mysteries of the Archive and taking photos of the audience to build his own archive of memories!

Date: Wednesday 10th April 2013
Location: ITV Southbank 14th Floor
Time: 6.30pm for 7pm


FREE TO REGISTER: follow link to the RTS London booking form. Open to FOCAL International and RTS Members and Non-Members.

Serge Viallet is probably unique as the only Producer in Residence at an archive -the renown French audiovisual archive Ina. Serge will give the 2013 FOCAL International annual Jane Mercer memorial lecture . Jane Mercer was the first chair of FOCAL International and as well as her work with FOCAL she made a tremendous contribution to the development of archive based productions and the perception of the value of audiovisual archives in general.

Serge Viallet is a documentary producer with great respect for archive material—He is producing and writing a multi part series Mysteries of the Archives in Ina (the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel) for airing on ARTE .

Serge is committed to, and passionate about, the intelligent use of archive film so we want him to share his experience of the probing "detective work" that he does with archive content as well as air the latest technological challenges that are facing producers who want to use archive material now that so many audiovisual archives are implementing vast digitisation projects - how does this affect the production workflow?


Background information:
Serge has made many films which have been nominated for or which have won international awards. Among them are Kwai, 52 min (1992) nominated for an Emmy and won a first prize at the Lagny Festival in France; Saipan, 52 min (1993) nominated for an Emmy, the Prix Italia, and INPUT, and won a Silver Eagle at Rieul, France; Nagasaki, 52 min, (1996) which won a Bronze embedded World Medal 1996; Kizu, The Ghosts of Japanese Unit 731, 52 min, (2006) which won a Silver embedded medal at the New York Festivals Tokyo, the Day the War Ended, 52 min, (2006) which was nominated for INPUT 2006; The Rape of Nanking, 52 min, (2007) which won an award for the best use of archive film in a factual production at the FOCAL International awards 2008, and Shanghai TV festival 2008, and was nominated for INPUT 2008; and Mysteries of the Archive an ongoing series, a FOCAL award for Best Use of Archive Film 2009 an IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) award for Best Use of Archive Film in 2009, and a Best Archive Preservation Project in 2010.

PHOTO: Serge Viallet winning the FOCAL International Award for Best Use of Footage in a Training or Eductation Production in 2009 for Mysteries of the Archive