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Professional footage research - a half day introduction

20 June 2014

British Library, Foyle Room, 96 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2DB


A half day workshop to introduce the basics of professional footage archive research, supported by the British Library

We have a rich audiovisual archives overflowing with wonderful footage that illustrates our past and explains the present and in the future can help to make wonderful films and documentaries. How much is being missed by simply relying on Youtube? Learn from the experts how to dig out that unique footage and find gainful employment as a film researcher/archive producer.

  • The workflow
  • Sourcing content
  • Negotiating licences and rights clearance
  • Technical viewing and delivery options
  • Data logging for the edit
  • The paper trail

1315-1400 Registration

1400 The British Library - Researching for Archive Gems
Welcome by Luke McKernan - Lead Curator, News and Moving Image - Introduction to the British Library Research Facilities

1410 Introduction and welcome by Sue Malden, FOCAL International Chair

1415-1425 GETTING STARTED - EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS - James Smith. An introduction to the role from understanding the job to transmission. The budget, rights required, timeline and employment conditions

1425-1440 WORKFLOW - the requirements of the production - Jacqui Edwards. From the first meet with the producer and editor to creating their wish list and logging the data.

1440-1455 SOURCING CONTENT - Kate Griffiths. What are the different types of archive - stock shot, commercial still and footage archives, public archives etc.?  Which is most appropriate to use, when and why. Have you used the FOCAL International website FOOTAGE AND CONTENT FINDER and similar search facilities.

1455-1510 TECHNICAL DELIVERY OPTIONS FOR VIEWING AND MASTER MATERIAL - Denis Karam. Physical source formats and delivery, storage, offline and online material, backups and file formats and aspect ratio.

1510-1540 Afternoon tea

1540-1610 NEGOTIATE LICENCES, RIGHTS CLEARANCE AND DELIVERY OPTIONS - Sue Malden the rest of the panel. Licence requirements to negotiating licence fees, the third party paper trail, editorial commercial, sports and music rights.

1610-1625 FINAL DELIVERABLES - All of the panel. Versioning to whose responsibility it is for the logging of the production/broadcaster PasCs and final part of the paper trail. Then there are the declarations!

1625-1700 SUMMING UP THE AFTERNOON AND Q & A - All of the panel.