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21-25 September 2015

Various locations in and around London, UK

21st – 25th September 2015
at various locations London, UK
Language spoken: English

Registration for the whole Training Week £900 +VAT.
Ticket Price includes:
- Tuition
- Visits
- Copyright Conference
- Archive Researchers Conference
- Lunches
- Refreshments
- Networking event
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All Saints Annexe
Austral Street
SE11 4SJ
(Nearest Tube: Elephant & Castle)

09.30 Welcome and introduction to the week of events
by Sue Malden, Chair - FOCAL International and Anne Johnson, Commercial Manager – FOCAL International 

10.00-17.00 David Walsh - Head of Digital Collections, Imperial War
From 1896 to the present day, David Walsh will provide a fascinating and informative overview of the development of the moving image from early experiments to today’s digital technology. Delegates will learn about the history, technology and production processes for both film and video, as well as be introduced to the various film and video formats which have been used throughout the years. The session will then turn to the implications this scope and variety of formats has for moving image collections in relation to collections management and the retention and preservation of master materials.
Delegates will also learn about the restoration process including colour, grain, speed and sound and the advances in technology which have made ever more sophisticated work possible.
Finally, bringing this journey up to date, delegates will explore developments in moving image in the new digital age and how this will impact upon production, retention and access in the future.
There will also be practical exercises on different types of film . Formats of film with some associated equipment will be available.

1700 appox. Walk to the Cinema Museum
2 Renfrew Road, London SE11 4TH

1800 – 2000 Visit to the Cinema Museum for a tour and to see demonstrations of historical equipment and preview of The Uniform Exhibition, followed by refreshments.
Our Hosts Ronald Grant - Managing Director and Martin Humphries, Curator will be available for Q & A

Tuesday 22nd September RESTORATION IN ACTION
Trip to Pinewood Film Studios

0800 approx Coach to pick up (from Holiday Inn, 30 Jamestown Road, Camden Town, London, NW1 7BY) and travel to Pinewood Studios (Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, SL0 0NH)

0930-1000 Arrive Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Post Production
Welcome and overview of the work within the Pinewood Group.

1000-1200 Delegates will gain an understanding of the preservation, access and digitisation workflow.
This will be followed by a tour of the famous Pinewood Film Studios.
Darren Woolfson, Group Director of Technology
James Doyle, DCS Sales Executive
Patrick Wilbraham, Technical Operations Manager
Jon Mann, Film Archive Restoration Manager

1200-1300 Lunch and discussions

1300 Travel to SKY NEWS, Isleworth

BSkyB Ltd
Centaurs Business Park, Grant Way

1400 Welcome by Raelene Rawlings - Footage Sales & Acquisitions Manager
Raelene and her staff will explain how footage is gathered, archived and retrieved in the fast-paced, 24 hour news environment.

NEWSROOM WORKFLOW – Audrey Heaton, Head of Sky News Archive
From the field to archive

MEDIA MANAGEMENT– John Serafini, Senior Picture Researcher
An Editorial Take on Media Management

DOCUMENTARY RESEARCH – Susannah Owen, Archive Producer
Documentary clearance & workflows in a 24 Hour News Environment

INGEST TO SALES – Matt Reynolds, Senior Picture Researcher
From Receiving Footage to Licensing - the News Archive Workflow

1730 Travel back to London by public transport
(SKY News has courtesy buses to public transport.)


Wednesday 23rd September 

1000 Welcome and introduction - What is cataloguing /Metadata?

1100-1115 Morning Coffee

1115-1200 Visit to see the library operation and an overview of AP Archive cataloguing and metadata creation workflow in action with Luke Smedley, Head of Content Operations

Advances in technology mean that ever increasing amounts of moving image are available online 24/7.
Introduction to the delegates to the AP Archive website and how it was developed in-order to provide a seamless end to end process from metadata, ingest and clip bins to the supply and licensing of master materials.

1300 - 1330 Lunch

1330 Depart to Getty Images on foot
Getty Images,101 Bayham Street, Camden Town,London, NW1 0AG

1415 Arrive and welcome at Getty Images by Chris Prior, Senior Director UK & Ireland

1430-1530 Commercial process on footage and stills from receiving the order through to the process of delivering and on what format - Sofia Lennquist, Sales Manager UKI Broadcast
Examples of different uses of archive in new products - Sofia Lennquist, Sales Manager UKI Broadcast
Challenges of integrating one library into another - Chris Prior, Senior Director UK & Ireland

1530-1600 Afternoon tea

1600-1700 Discussion/interactive session, run by Chris Prior, Senior Director UK & Ireland and Robin James, Sales Manager BBC Motion Gallery UKI on:
Evolutions and future state of Archival
Needs of the researcher
Platforms, user experience and expectations.
Parallels with other industries, clever use of technologies.

Thursday 24th Sept KNOW YOUR RIGHTS WHEN USING FOOTAGE AND CONTENT– Copyright Conference 
Venue: Holiday Inn - London Camden Lock - 30, Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7BY
A conference discussing International Copyright Law, Music and Sports rights, Third partyrights, Orphan Works as it relates to the use of Footage and Content in all forms of production.

0900-0930 Registration
0930-1100 Copyright Law in the UK – Margaret Briffa, Solicitor, BRIFFA will give an overview of copyright law in the UK, current legislation developments in copyright law in the UK as it will affect the archive business. Best practice for all those involved in the production and use of content and moving images.
International Copyright Law - Jeffrey Greger, Senior Trademark Counsel, Lowe Hauptman & Ham, LLP - U.S. Copyright Law: Rights/Registration-Risks/Realities – Mr. Greger will discuss a general overview of U.S. Copyright law; the benefits and procedure of formal U.S. copyright registration; and practical aspects of reducing risks of U.S. copyright infringement
1100-1145 Coffee
1145-1215 HUB – delegates will be shown how you can legally use content - Dominic Young, CEO, The Copyright HUB
1215-1230 ECL - Mary Egan will give an overview and how, if implemented will affect everyone.
1230-1300 Orphan Works - Margaret Haig – Head of Copyright Delivery, IPO - delegates will be informed about the new legislations relating to Footage and Content without owners
1300-1315 FORWARD - the works on Orphan Works in Europe – Sue Malden – FOCAL International Chair
1315-1415 Lunch
1415-1445 Third Party Rights to clear when using Footage & Content - Karen Ghai, Consultant
1445-1530 Music Rights to clear when using Footage & Content– Ivan Chandler, Musicalities Limited
1530-1615 Afternoon tea
1615-1700 Sports Rights - the Federation minefield with Rita Costantinou, Manager ITV Sport Archive and Robert Foster, Serf Media
1700-1715 Roundup of the day


The Glasshouse - Holiday Inn - London Camden Lock - 30, Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7BY


The Glasshouse - Holiday Inn - London Camden Lock - 30, Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7BY

How do Archive Researchers find content and the processes of being given the brief through to the finished work
This was a popular event last year and we have decided to make a day of it!!



1000-1015 Welcome
(Re)Searching For Archive Gems - Copyright, Clearances Commissions – Professional Footage Research – Introductory Training
Introduction and welcome by Sue Malden, FOCAL International Chair. We have many rich audiovisual archives overflowing with wonderful footage that illustrates our past and explains the present and in the future can help to make informative and interesting films and documentaries. How much is being missed by simply relying on Youtube? Learn from the experts how to dig out that unique footage and find gainful employment as a film researcher/archive producer.

1015-1030 Keynote presentation by Denys Blakeway of Blakeway Productions, British television producer and author who is best known for documentaries and books about contemporary history. Archive footage features heavily in many of Denys’ productions. Denys will set the scene by discussing how important archive footage and professional archive researchers are to the making of good documentaries illustrated by some of his productions.

1030-1100 Getting started - Employment Conditions - Sue Malden.  An introduction to the role from understanding the job to transmission: Employment conditions, what is required of the researcher, budget, rights, timeline and deadlines.

1100-1130 Morning Coffee

1130-1200 Workflow - the requirements needed - Declan Smith. From the first meet with the producer and editor thru creating their wish list to logging the data.

1200-1230 Sourcing Content - James McDonald. What are the different types of archive - stock shot, commercial still and footage archive, public archives etc? Which is most appropriate to use and when and why. Have you used the FOCAL International website FOOTAGE AND CONTENT FINDER

1230-1300 Technical delivery options for viewing and master material. Physical Source formats and delivery, storage, offline and online material, backups and file formats and aspect ratio. Lindsay Murray – Media Hub Supervisor, Prime Focus Technology and Jo Griffin – Head of Content Services and Restoration, Prime Focus Technology.

1300-1400 lunch

1400-1430 Negotiation licences, rights clearance and delivery options - Kate Griffiths. Licence requirements to negotiating licence fees, the third party rights clearances, record keeping, editorial, commercial, sports and music rights.

1430-1500 Final Deliverables. What are the responsibilities of the researcher? Credits, different versions, logging for the production/broadcaster Programme as Complete. Denis Karam

1500-1530 Summing up of the day and Q & A – All Archive Researcher tips

1530-1600 Afternoon tea and end of conference

1600-1700 Summing up of the Training Week with thoughts from the delegates

1700 Close of this year’s Training Week

Call the FOCAL International Office +44 (0)20 7663 8090
Anne Johnson (on the above number) or call 07712 663505
Julie Lewis call 07957 795843
At time of print, schedule correct, but FOCAL International reserves the right to change.

Registration for the whole Training Week is £900 +VAT. 


 UK residents may be eligible to a Creative Skillset grant to attend this event, please click on the logo below for more details.