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Audiovisual in education - what's possible and what's legal

2 December 2016

The Geological Society, Burlington House, London, W1J 0BD

Audiovisual in education – what’s possible and what’s legal 

Date:Friday 2 December 2016

Venue:The Geological Society, Burlington House, London, W1J 0BD

We've programmed Audiovisual in Education to examine why audiovisual materials are used in teaching,learning and research and how they can be used creatively and critically. We'll also be focusing on copyright and rights clearance, an area many of our members told us they find challenging.

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An expert panel chaired by John Ellis, Professor of Media Arts - Royal Holloway University of London, will examine the reasons for using audiovisual material in learning, teaching and research, and how it underpins a scholarly method.

The day will cover the ways audiovisual materials can be used to enhance learning and engage learners, with presentations from three practitioners:

  • Dr Chris Willmott, University of Leicester, will highlight the ways broadcast material can enhance science education

  • Dr Catherine Grant, University of Sussex, will look at how the audiovisual essay can be used effectively

  • Chris Morrison, University of Kent, will present the findings of his recent research on lecture capture, carried out with Jane Secker at the London School of Economics and Political Science

There will also be a presentation on copyright and how materials can be used legally from Sergio Angelini, our Head of Membership Services and Information, and we'll be demonstrating how BoB and our other academic services can support you.

You'll also get an opportunity to meet our team and ask us any burning questions you might have.

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