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AHEAD in the CLOUD internet technologies and the impact on moving image businesses

7 September 2010

BAFTA, Piccadilly, London

Theme: The economics of media archive business and how technology does, will and could impact on revenues and costs.
The term “cloud computing” has been gaining usage within the media archive landscape and can mean different things to different people. So what and where is this cloud and what are the benefits and dangers of going there? The “cloud” is just another term for the Internet and cloud computing simply refers to any services and applications that are hosted and accessed via the web. This BAFTA/FOCAL Int event intends to demystify the term and debate the applications and impacts new ways of doing business have on Archive businesses.

  • Intro and a keynote to be confirmed
  • Setting the scene - The Technology of the cloud - a speaker from CIS and the Financial business background – Claire Harvey, Screen Digest.
  • Followed by a panel discussion with archive business experts including Pam Fisher, BAFTA Digital Gold; Josh Rucci, Getty, Simon Wood ITN ; Alistair White, British Pathe

After the event programme attendees will have the chance to discuss issues informally and network with Archive personalities and characters. Plus networking social for delegates graduating from FOCAL International's New Entrants Scheme (Joint FOCAL International / BAFTA event)


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