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Current issues in moving metadata training (including DOIs)

5 June 2017

Learning on Screen, 77 Wells Street, London W1T 3QJ

Current Metadata Issues aims to introduce key concepts around emerging digital technologies for documenting audiovisual collections. While much cataloguing work is based on long established principles of standardisation and interoperability, the documentation of collections can also involve cutting-edge and data-intensive technologies such as machine learning and computer vision. Acknowledging that no one day course could comprehensively cover these topics in detail, we instead aim to give a flavour of what’s technically possible, what may soon be possible and what the practical implications might be for collection managers.

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Spaces will be subject to a small admin fee of £10 per course.

About the presenter

Dr Joel Eaton, University of Plymouth, has over seven years experience delivering audiovisual digitisation, copyright, IP and metadata training. He has previously worked as a Technical Advisor for Jisc, supporting a range of digitisation projects in the public and commercial sectors, including at Birmingham City University Library and The National Library of Scotland. Joel currently works in information development and provides training and consultancy on audiovisual digitisation and preservation.


The aim of these courses is to provide attendees with practical knowledge around all aspects of descriptive moving image metadata so they can gain key skills to boost their professional development.


- Film and TV archivists and senior archivists

- Archivists and cataloguers in production companies

- University librarians, learning resources officers and IT managers responsible for moving image content

We encourage attendees from underrepresented groups particularly those from BAME (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic) backgrounds or those with a disability. We also particularly encourage attendees from right across the UK.

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This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the BFI with National Lottery, through the Skills Investment Fund.