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Breakfast with the Archives:

21 November 2018

The Soho Screening Rooms, 14 D'Arblay St, Soho, London W1F 8DY

Breakfast with the Archives:

The Soho Screening Rooms, 9.30-11am, 21 November

Are you a researcher, producer or director searching for captivating content for your next creative project?


We're continuing our our wildly successful Breakfast with the Archive series with a very special winter edition at the Soho Screening Rooms.

Guests will be treated to a sneak peek of some exclusive and fascinating clips on the big screen as well as breakfast with the team behind this exciting new agency, R3el.Com. A one-of-a-kind networking opportunity. is crewed by footage fanatics and showcases rare 35mm film footage, lovingly digitised by its colleagues from R3store Studios.

 R3EL’s collection consists of more than 90 hours of material from the Index Film and TV archive. Fellow footage fanatics and archive specialists will know that this is famous for its huge selection of aviation, but aren't always aware of the huge range of other content it contains including stunning cityscapes, exotic locations and wildlife content from the 1950’s through to the late 1980’s plus much more. Furthermore the collection holds Dirk Bogarde’s personal film collection which Is a fascinating insight into his life in the 60's. It features many famous movie stars and behind the scenes material also. R3el also houses the world’s largest collection of NASA footage all available in HD, including many shots that have rarely been seen before.

Admission is free for FOCAL members and £10+VAT for all non-members.

Sign-up soon. Spaces are limited!

When: 21 November 2018, 9.15 - 11.00am

Where: The Soho Screening Rooms, 14 D'Arblay St, Soho, London W1F 8DY