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FootageFest - The Cooldown Event

8 November 2018

Barlow Room in Roberts Building, UCL, Torrington Place, London WC1E 7JE

FootageFest: The Cooldown


Join us for a drink and a lively discussion around FOCAL's recent collaboration with AMCUP to produce FootageFest - a weekend conference designed to bridge the gap and foster international cooperation, creativity (and business) under the starry skies of Hollywood.

Want to hear how it went directly from the FOCAL members who made the trip? Want to talk about how FOCAL can build future international events for you in the future? Want to find out more about the US market? Want to join us for a drink?

FOCAL are also collaborating in a new research and development project which helps AI innovators understand the needs of the footage community, with the aim of servicing the community and their service providers with new and novel capabilities. As a starting point, we'll introduce the project at this event, and ask for your thoughts on some of our planned next steps.

Thanks to our QUEMAT partners, The Media Institute and Dithen who are providing space and refreshments for the event.

This is a free event for FOCAL Members and non-members. Spaces are limited, please RSVP by Tuesday 6 November. 

 Thursday 8 November, 4-6pm, Barlow Room 807, Roberts Building, UCL, Torrington Place, London