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FOCAL Members Day

28 November 2019

Channel 4 Screening Room, 124-126 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX

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What is the FOCAL Members' Day? 

The FOCAL Members’ Day will bring together FOCAL members and wider industry to address some of the most pertinent challenges and themes of working in the media archive sector at the moment in a lively and constructive day of workshops and conversations.

Day will then journey into night with FOCAL’s winter networking event held in a nearby venue.

 We're developing our workshops with members and industry and will be updating the below information with speaker bios and more shortly. In the meantime, take a look and see the kinds of themes and questions we're covering on the day.

This is a unique opportunity to raise and discuss burning issues and help FOCAL devise strategies and actions to overcome those challenges. All refreshments (coffee breaks, lunch and evening buffet are included in the ticket) so you just need to turn up, listen and get involved!

• The Art of Footage Research
What are the critical challenges and issues facing FOCAL researchers at this time? Bringing together a group of speakers who can discuss and offer solutions for how they can be overcome.
Moderated by Cath Pick, Archive Producer

• E-Commerce - Can it work for us?  
The supply of good archive between library and researcher will always rely on creativity and personal service to find the best footage. But we ask, do users of footage want the film archives to provide an e-commerce option ? And If so, what are the formats available to libraries to supply clips via an e-commerce platform? And how do libraries make the e-commerce business model work?
Our panel will use case studies using different approaches to the whole question of e-commerce and examine all these issues. We will have an open floor discussion to exchange views. Moderated by Amanda Huntley, Huntley Film Archives

• What do Media Archives and the GLAM Sector have in common?
Deep into the digital age the traditional differences between Museums, Libraries, Galleries and Media Archives have long since dissolved so how do the cultural and creative industries work better together to ensure the preservation and savvy commercial reuse of all media assets? Bringing together museums, galleries and archive professionals in a cross-disciplinary discussion of how we can learn from each other. Moderated by Alex Wilson, Bridgeman Library

• How do we work best with our digital hosts?
From Youtube to Vimeo, there's no denying that hosting sites are a brilliant tool for libraries to present their collections, represent history and reach a world new audiences. They’re also a breeding ground for content-creators. This workshop will bring together rights-holders, policy experts and more to discuss the key strategies and solutions to having an effective channel with case studies of when things go right and when things go wrong. Moderated by Angela Saward, Research Development Specialist (Moving Image and Sound), Wellcome Collection.

Where, When and How Much? 

Members Day is from 10am - 5pm at the Channel 4 Screening Room, 124-126 Horseferry Road, Westminster, London, SW1P 2TX and includes lunch, coffee and four workshop sessions. 

The Winter Networking Event will be from 6pm onwards at the nearby venue Brass Monkey Pub. More detail to be released shortly...

Tickets to Members’ Day include entry to the evening event and are priced at the Early Bird rate of £35 for Members and £50 for Non-Members. Standard prices are £45 for Members and £60 for Non-Members.

We have very limited availability for this exciting day of discussions and networking so book your early bird tickets below now extended until 11th October. First come, first served.

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