Renault Scenic: Park the TV

Publicis   |   UK

Partizan's surreal vision of role reversal, in the indolent landscape of a summer time suburb, draws heavily on the visual aesthetic of 1950s Americana and "retro cool". We are led through a series of slow pans across driveways, Edward Hopper style alleyways and street scenes. Garage doors slowly close across vast television screens displaying an eclectic array of milestones from both the large and small screen. A drifting piano sets the leisurely pace as the television screens are closed in. The sense of conclusion leads us through a fade to the end of a family's day at the beach with their Renault Scenic. As they pack their belongings and the children sleep healthily through the journey home, we are urged by the tag line to Park the TV. Reason for Submission: Uses programme and feature film clips and stock footage to good effect.