Carlton International Media

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Carlton have undertaken a comprehensive programme of CRI restoration on their Rank and ITC Libraries. Colour Reversal Interneg was a process undertaken in the 1960's and 70's whereby the interpositive stage was missed out of the film process to reduce costs. It has subsequently been discovered that CRI's fade rapidly. The restoration involves going back to original negatives and re-making the film protection elements of the internegative and interpositive. During this process the film was regraded and picture stability re-gained. Sound was also restored and new optical track negatives created. In some cases they went back to original YCM negs and also transferred from original Techniscope negs. Following the film laboratory work a new high end telecine transfer was made using the latest digital technology to further enhance the material, removing scratches, dirt and sparkle. The result was a new digital video master up to DVD quality as well a having preserved and restored the original 35mm picture and sound elements. During 2003 they completed, To Paris With Love, Capricorn One, Cassandra Crossing, Doctor in the House, Deadlier Than the Male, Countess Dracula, Escape to Ethena, Farewell My Lovely and The Medusa Touch.