The Machine Room (Churchill: Eps 1 Destiny)

A TWI & Carlton Production   |   UK

This major three-part documentary series charts Winston Churchill's life from his boyhood days at Blenheim palace to his death in 1965. Reason for Submission: TWI would have liked to have shot on film to get that dramatic filmic quality. However, a documentary budget meant that DigiBeta was the only option. The Digi footage was imported into The Machine Room's Discreet Smoke to give it that ‘filmic quality'. To restore the archive film footage, some of which dated back as far 1900, it was put through TMR's unique and specialised film treatments prior to telecine transfers. Smoke editor, John McLaren, blended archive footage with modern-day drama reconstructions shot on video. This entailed re-sizing all the archive footage to fit today's 16 x 9 television formats and treating the video with a film effect to match the archive shots. Time was spent conforming, cleaning, de-spotting and stabilising the original footage, removing film flicker and adding film effects and grain. Following this a full tape grade provided finishing touches in the ‘Shadow Suite'.