The Ultimate Film

North One Television   |   UK

The Ultimate Film was a rundown of the 100 most popular films at the British box office based on stats provided by the British Film Institute. Presented by John Cleese, the list was revealed over two 3-hour episodes on Channel 4. It was the first time the BFI had publicized this list based on British audience attendances and it made for an interesting and eclectic journey through the history of cinema in this country. Reasons for Submission: APTN suggested we submit our programme for this category and we thought it was a good opportunity to illustrate the quality of our archive based programming. The programme is a fascinating journey through the history of cinema in this country, which also provides an insight into our social history, all done through the use of archive from a wide range of sources. North One Television, formerly Chrysalis Television has a long history of producing quality archive based Entertainment and Factual Entertainment programming, which stretches back to the original Top Tens on Channel 4. The Ultimate Film has continued that tradition and managed to gain significant coverage in the printed media and an audience share that peaked at 30% with a figure of 4.9 million viewers.