Animal Games

John Downer Productions   |   UK

Competitors from the animal world gather to stage their greatest athletic contest. Animal athletes from the Mammals, Birds, Insects, Herptiles and the Fish nations are scaled to human size so everyone is on a level pegging as they compete in the 100m, high jump, long jump, shooting, weight lifting and swimming. State of the art digital graphic effects blend specially shot and archive material seamlessly. All the tricks of multi-camera shooting, action replays and photo finishes are used to analyse each event. On screen graphics impart facts and figures while commentators John Motson and Jonathan Pearce add to the excitement. Reasons for Submission: Animal Games brought together archive material and digital effects in a totally innovative way, transforming traditional natural history library shots beyond recognition. By coupling archive with the latest in digital special effects, the programme has revolutionised the way that we can reuse natural history footage.