Forum Barcelona - Voices Exhibit

Tomato Films   |   UK

Audio visual content for Forum 2004 Voices exhibit, which ran from May 2004 for 5 months in Barcelona. Voices is dedicated to diversity, one of the core themes of the Forum. The objective of the exhibition is to celebrate human communication and linguistic and cultural diversity. The central dome structure comprised of 28 screens of various sizes positioned around an amphitheatre 32m in diameter. The film, directed by Simon Taylor, was programmed through a central server to incorporate the 28 screens. Multiple and single images along side typography were choreographed making the most of the three dimensional space creating an immersive environment. In addition a 100m wall, comprising of 24 screens, featuring 96 separate languages ran along side the central audio visual, resulting in a total of 52 different films shown simultaneously. Sometimes the screens showed the same image everywhere; other moments featured different images on every screen. The films were synchronized to merge in a moment of ‘collapse' at one point in the ten minute show. Reasons for Submission: Combines specially shot with archive footage to make a linear film 52 mins in length, which when projected onto 28 screens has a screening duration of 10 mins. Technically this was a challenge when editing and programming server. Graphics and music are combined with footage to create a stimulating experience. The languages, images and graphics featured explore diversity through linguistics, The film includes diverse cultures from around the world, and shows how they communicate in their own individual ways. It looks at communication through gesture, facial expression, language, the written word, music, clothing, This exhibit proved to be both stimulating and informative, educating audiences in a non traditional way and promoting those languages nearing extinction.