Japan's War

TWI/Carlton Production   |   UK

For eight years the Japanese fought what they believed was a Holy War that became a fight to the death. Using never-before-seen colour footage, Japan's War tells a previously untold story. It recounts the history of the Second World War from a Japanese perspective, combining original colour film with letters and diaries written by Japanese people. It tells the story of a nation at war from the diverse perspectives of those who lived through it: the leaders and the ordinary people, the oppressors and the victims, the guilty and the innocent. Reasons for Submission: The 1,000 stitch belt is an army film shot during the occupation of China. Fragments from a rushes reel were found in a Russian archive. In a bad state of repair, the clips were comped together, hand cleaned, then wet gate telecined. A sequence was edited together, stabilised and speeds changed to give a more natural motion using Arid Symphony. It was passed through puritan to remove some of the vertical lines, and then hand painted on the MTI box to remove as many of the remaining lines, splats and marks as possible. Finally the sequence was graded. The 1937 Tokyo street scenes were shot with early Kodacolor, a 3 colour lenticular system which produces a high speed print containing vertical lines. The colour was first recovered using a system developed by Film Technology in Hollywood. The sequence was cut, slowed down and stabilised in avid, and was then graded on poggle with electric sunroof and finally de-spotted in smoke. The 1937 Prince Chichibu film was discovered mouldy and cracked. After extensive hand cleaning and re-sprocketing, some portions were able to be wet gate telecined. After a one pass grade, colour was brought back but the mould had left green marks. With a re-grade on the final programme and time in smoke painting out some of the larger splats, the results are a watchable colour film, never seen before on television.