Good Night and Good Luck

Warner Bros   |   USA

This film is a no frills account of a period in American history that left visible scars but, as it happens, many have forgotten. David Strathairn - best actor at the Venice Film Festival - is chillingly perfect as Edward R Murrow, the broadcast journalist for the CBS News Show See It Now. Set in 1953, Senator Joseph McCarthy is attempting to rid the US of communist sympathisers while using suspect methods. As Murrow realises McCarthy is restricting civil liberties and sentencing people without trial he risks his job and his livelihood to tell the public the truth. Reasons for Submission: BBC Motion Gallery's representation of the CBS News archive enabled us to work closely with Warner Bros on this recent project. Both Clooney and Heslov wanted to create an accurate portrayal of the time so a conscious effort was made to incorporate many key speeches. They decided to divert from the norm and portray McCarthy through the use of real footage from CBS News. The use of this footage accessed via BBC Motion Gallery adds a chilling depth to this award-winning feature film.