Mitchell and Kenyon Collection (1900-1913)

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Preservation project undertaken 2000-2005, on the Mitchell and Kenyon collection (800 Edwardian nitrate negatives): Film duplication of restored images from original, fragile materials (see Road to Restoration featurette on enclosed DVD; and enclosed published essay) Production of new master and intermediate film elements. Production of screening prints. Production of speed-corrected Digital Betacam of entire collection Production of Hi-Defintion masters of selected items, for theatrical distribution/DVD Made available through BBC series, DVDs, theatrical screenings and Reasons for Submission: A very ambitious, technically challenging, preservation project. Results of extraordinary, acclaimed, quality. Materials for all purposes: new 35mm preservation masters, prints and HD for screenings, Digibetas for broadcast. Caught the public imagination, drawing attention to complexity and importance of preservation. See: References within series The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon; Featurette The Road To Restoration on DVD Electric Edwardians; Presentations on archiving of the collection at National Film Theatre and elsewhere; Detailed study of process and implications in book The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon: Edwardian Britain on Film.