Nation On Film: Womens Football

BBC   |   UK

This is the story of how film captured the rise and controversial fall of one the most extraordinary sports teams Britain has ever seen. From the newsreels of the 1920s to the films of one passionate amateur, we've pieced together rare and unusual archive to tell their story. The story of how a group of wartime factory workers played to raise money for injured war heroes, attracted crowds of 50,000, became the first unofficial England women's football team…but then paid the price and was banned by the Football Association. Reason for Submission: The Dick, Kerr Ladies story is journalistically fascinating. Their extraordinary achievements and their highly controversial demise is the stuff of Hollywood films never mind a documentary. The fact that is essentially an untold story (this is the first television documentary that's focused on the Dick, Kerr tale) only adds to the intrigue. But for our series, which puts film first, makes archive 'King', we needed to weave this remarkable story together with the film story. This meant giving the back story to the archive, the context, the why it was filmed, even the how it was filmed.