Hockey: A Peoples History

-   |   Canada

With the arrival of television in Canada in 1952, hockey becomes a national pastime. In this episode, real heroes and ordinary people come to life through archives. A young black player attempts to cross prejudicial boundaries to the NHL. In Toronto a 9 year-old girl marks it into organized hockey by passing as a boy. Rivals Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe, both number 9, dazzle professional hockey. Then Richard is suspended for the playoffs, causing a riot, transcending the realm of hockey. And in the heart of the Cold War, the Soviets shock the world by defeating the Canadians. Reason for Submission: The visual research for this episode was extensive. We insisted upon archival accuracy and authenticity. We included footage and photos from 59 different institutions and personal collections, having contacted many more, including sources from Canada, the US, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Russia. Television had just begun to air; "Hockey Night in Canada" was uniting people from coast to coast. We see excerpts of historic hockey matches, behind the scenes filming of games, interviews with players, unexpected footage of our heroes with kids, pertinent firsts, hard to find original footage and colour film. Footage blends harmoniously with HD filming.