Radio 2 Elvis

Red Bee Media   |   UK

The Brief from Radio 2 Marketing was to create an advert showcasing an amazing line-up of musicians playing along with Elvis. The film opens with footage taken from The King's 1973 Aloha' from Hawaii TV Broadcast, with Elvis introducing a band of legendary names such as; Marvin Gaye, Keith Moon, Stevie Wonder, Noel Gallagher, Sheryl Crow and Jimmy Page. With the exception of the Sugababes, all the other artists were painstakingly sourced from archive material and then even more painstakingly super-imposed into the original Elvis footage. The creative agency was DFGW, the production company Red Bee Media. Reason for Submission: The trail seems to have touched a chord in so many viewers and had such an overwhelming response maybe because so many people were momentarily fooled into believing this really was Elvis's band or maybe because it was wonderful seeing such an amazing line up of artists all on one stage It's a creative and clever use of some great archive material; really fresh and exciting idea achieved using some classic footage.