Anne Connan (l'Aventurière)

La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse   |   France

During the Popular Front in Paris, Cheung Li, a young Chinese woman, asks Iris, l'Aventurière, for help. Terrified by opium dealers, she needs to recover her little girl who still lives in China. In this country torn by the civil war between nationalists and communists, partly occupied by Japanese, Iris will little-by-little discover the past of the young woman. A singular friendship between Iris and the one who legend will baptize The Red Empress, will take them from Manchuria to the remote places of China, following the Last Emperor's and the Great Helmsman's footsteps. Reason for Submission: This series is an international programme. It relates the extraordinary destiny of a young imaginary Adventurer who travels through the world: from Russia to America, in Africa, in Asia, in India, in South America and in the Far North. L'Aventurière will be subtitle in English in January.