Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain

BBC   |   UK

In his widely acclaimed History of Modern Britain, Andrew Marr gives an epic account of the events that have shaped our lives since the end of the Second World War. With a dynamic mixture of footage shot specially on location and archive of actual events, Marr wittily weaves together crucial turning points and telling little details to charts the evolution of Britain's place in the world since 1945. The many strands of our national story are brought convincingly to life by the use of a wide range of archive sources woven into a gripping national saga. Reason for Submission: Audiences and critics were drawn to this series by an extraordinary range of archive, which complemented Andrew Marr's compelling story-telling. Archive drawn from every decade of the post-war period enhances his solid grasp of characters and events, and often adds a new layer to our national memory bank. Each piece of personal and political gossip is brought to life by carefully selected images and sound, which attracted a huge popular audience to revisit the dramas of our recent past.