Memoris of a Cigarette

Pett Television Ltd   |   UK

A tongue in cheek "homage" to the perilous but for some highly pleasurable, pursuit of smoking. Featuring A list celebrity interviews and provocative archive footage, "Memoirs of A Cigarette" charts our society's love / hate relationship with the evil weed on the eve of the UK ban on smoking. Reason for submission: Memoirs of a Cigarette used a unique range of both provocative and highly entertaining footage, spanning over 40 years of film and television archive, to ensure the programme would resonate with a wide audience. From WW1 footage, to rare advertising campaigns and government health warnings, to cult television programmes and legendary movies, this programme led us through the incredible highs and ultimate lows of the cigarette in society. Much of the footage was sourced from small independent libraries and private collections and was cleverly used to punctuate opinions of the many high profile celebrities featured. Exhaustive searches to find the best comedy moments featuring smoking through the decades ensured the programme kept an entertaining pace throughout.