Brasil, Brasil: 'Tropicalia Revolution

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The first comprehensive review of Brazilian music and history, this 3 part series tells the story of the styles and the artists that have for decades captured the world's imagination. Featuring nearly all of Brazil's major stars, the programmes include specially shot performances, interviews and rare archive footage. Part Two covers the military era from the Sixties to the Eighties, when singers were censored, jailed and exiled - but still produced some of the finest and most exciting music in Brazilian history, from Tropicalia to Samba-Reggae. Reason for Submission: Sourcing footage from film & television archives in Brazil is a challenging experience, hence most of the footage in Brasil, Brasil Ep 2 has not been seen before in the UK. The footage licensing laws in Brazil meant careful and persistent negotiation was required. The amazing film of 1960s riotous Brazil Song Festivals from TV Record was censored by the military govt at the time and has never been seen in the UK. Also discovered film of Tropicalia stars Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso performing at the Isle of Wight festival while they were in exile in the UK in 1970 courtesy of Murray Lerner who searched through all his rushes to supply us with film never seen anywhere before. Although footage of social upheaval in Europe and the US in the 60s is often seen in documentaries, much less common is the shocking footage of the Brazilian experience where the military clampdown on social and political unrest was much harsher and forced many artists into exile.