Animal Crackers

Content Mint/Absolutely Wild Visuals   |   Australia

Animal Crackers series 1 is a collection of twenty-six one minute children's wildlife interstitials. With a creative blend of motion graphics and footage this series lends itself to cross platform delivery. Each interstitial highlights some amazing facts on a particular animal species, giving young viewers an insight into what's on their menu, where they like to hang out, how they get around, and a few other quirky facts. Both factual and entertaining - these interstitials are a wild action-packed, fact-filled one-minute adventure! A great introduction to Natural History for 8-12 year olds. Reason for Submission: This collection of 26 interstitials has been produced solely using stock footage. A number of renown wildlife collections are featured in these interstitials, all from the Absolutely Wild Visuals library. AWV's philosophy of “driving content further” initiated the idea to create new markets for their copyright owner's footage. Combined with creative graphics and suitable audio, this is a fine example of where superior stock footage has advanced to become exciting, factual and entertaining viewing for Children.