We Want Roses Too (Vogliamo Anche Le Rose)

Mir Cinematografice   |   Italy

Italy c.1950. A beautiful woman, complete with post-war Dior look, immaculate coiffure and matching hat, gloves and bag, skips into a high class boutique and gazes into a crystal ball. She recoils in horror at the shocking image of a naked and dirty woman dancing in the midst of nature. Skilfully combining interviews, advertisements, animation and TV, this film illustrates how feminism and the sexual revolution transformed women's lives during the 60s and 70s. It's structured around the diaries of three women with first hand experience of the social and political turmoil of the time. The intimacy of their personal confessions is told as much with confusion and despair as with delight at new found freedoms. Such testimonies lend the film an emotional power comparable to that of the work of Su Friedrich or Jennifer Reeves. It's compelling in that, far from being a straightforward chronological documentary, it creates a personal narrative of words and images that carries us through 20 years of history that changed the world for everyone. Reason for Submission: This festival is very interesting.