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The FOCAL International Awards 2009

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On the Night...

Kate Griffiths, Clearance Matters, with Eric Kulberg

L-R Jacqui Edwards, Paul Gardner with Darlow Smithson colleague

James Hunt and his wife

L-R, Nikki Parrot, Mark Craig, Natasha Dack, Tigerlily Films

Jim Anderson (left) with his wife (right) and Sol Papadopoulos, Hurican Films (centre)

(L-R) Tony Ageh, BBC, Jerry Kuehl, Christine Whittaker and Anthony Wall, BBC Arena

(L-R) Dick Fiddy, Karena Smith, Sue Malden, Murray Weston

(L-R) Steve Bergson, Jacqui Edwards, Alan Bradshaw and Beatrice Read

Jenny Coan, Serena Sharp

Blue Post Production

Steve Bearman, Deluxe Digital London and colleague

L-R Caroline Wright, Tony Ageh, Roly Keating, BBC

L-R Antoinette Chance, Raphael Spagnolo, Serge Vaillet, Jenny Hammerton

L-R Jody Winterbottom, Framepool, James Smith, Adam Smith

Jose Aguilera, Sarah Wallis, Tim Emblem-English, BBC Studios

L-R, Gerry Gedge, Paul Sargent and David Walsh, IWM, David Atkinson and Martin Rogers, blue

Paul Gardner with Darlow Smithson colleagues

Kate Griffiths, Gary Welch plus Andy Harrower, PRS for Music

L-R Perry Foran, Alastair White, British Pathe Ltd (centre) Matt Bowman, TVP (right)

Luke Smedley (left), Clara Torres, Niall Campbell (right) AP Archive

L-R Darren Teale, Junction 15, Viv Mcgrath, Gecko Productions (right)

L-R Jose Aguilera, Sarah Wallis, BBC Studios

L-R Paul Willey, Richard Watson, Gerry Gedge, blue

L-R Lucy Smickersgill, Richard Taylor, Ron Southern, BBC

Peter Wright and colleague, Deluxe Digital London

Alastair White, British Pathe Ltd with Caroline Hart, ITN Source

L-R Veronique Foucault, AP Archive, Paul Sargent, IWM, Angela Saward, Wellcome Trust

L-R Tony Blake, Cambridge Imaging Systems, Murray Weston, BUFVC, Peter Cox, KPM

L-R Simon Wood, ITN Source and guest

Roy Harris with his wife

L-R Andy Burman, ITV Sport Archive, Stephen Kahn, Rita Costantinou, ITV Sport Archive

Anwen Pari-Jones, Jenny Hammerton (centre), John Reed, National Screen

L-R Paul Wright, Diane Lees and Mark Whitmore, IWM

L-R Lawrence Breen, Mark Fletcher, BBC

Caroline Wright, BBC (centre)

L-R Nikki Parrott and Natasha Dack, Tigerlily Films, Sara Hill, blue

L-R Taylor Downing, Flashback TV, Richard Melman, History Channel, Christine Whittaker, Paul Sargent, IWM

L-R Brian Robinson, BFI, Susan Huxley

L-R Jerry Kuehl, Antoinette Chance, Serge Vaillet

Zoe Moore and Chris Gibson, BBC Motion Gallery

L-R Suzanne Gray, Susan Huxley, Declan Smith

L-R Serena Sharp, Jenny Coan, Alison Mercer, Clips

L-R Richard Fish, Deluxe Digital London, Alan Bradshaw, AP Archive, Lord Puttnam

L-R Robin James, BBC Motion Gallery, Richard Melman, History Channel, Lord Puttnam

L-R Gordon Craig, Fremantlemedia, Sophie Milland, Elaine Shepherd, BBC, Lord Puttnam

L-R Jenny Coan, Clips

L-R Jody Winterbottom, Framepool, Mark Fletcher, BBC, Lord Puttnam

L-R Rita Costantinou, ITV Sport Archive, Mark Craig, Lord Puttnam

Eric Kulberg with Lord Puttnam

L-R Amanda Huntley, Huntley Film Archive, Matthew Gidley, Jack Morton Worldwide, Lord Puttnam

L-R Ben Caron, Princess Productions, Andy Harrower, PRS for Music, James Hunt, Lord Puttnam

L-R Serge Vaillet, INA, Dinah Caine, Skillset, Lord Puttnam

L-R Isobel Williams, Hubert Best' publicist, Roy Harris, representing CBC, Lord Puttnam

L-R Jean-Luc Vernhet, INA, Rachel Jardine, Carmen Locke, BBC, Lord Puttnam

L-R Sol Papadopoulos, Hurrican Films, Jim Anderson, Lord Puttnam

L-R Tim Emblem-English, BBC Studios

L-R Veronique Foucault, AP Archive, Paul Gardner, Darlow Smithson, Lord Puttnam

L-R Rebekah Polding, Film London, Jenny Coan, Serena Sharp and Alison Mercer, Clips

L-R Roy Harris, Lord Puttnam

Roy Harris enjoying the moment with his wife

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