Nokia: Days (Advert)

Jack Morton Worldwide   |   UK

"Days" encapsulates Nokia's vision of Connecting People through new and better technologies. It tells a story of days of change: days that can be challenging and revolutionary, days that lead to outcomes that are hard to predict at the time, but which – when the dust has settled – leave us better, smarter, more in tune with our world, and closer to one another. It argues that another day of change is upon us, but this time we have the tools and the knowledge to choose what tomorrow will look like. It invites us to ‘seize the day'. Reason for Submission: The film has a big message. It needed to be visually compelling and resonate deeply with the audience. This was partly achieved through the use of unusual or rarely-seen footage from the archive, both historical and current. We deliberately sought a mixture of ‘light and dark' footage in order to paint a realistic picture of our world. The resulting tableaux or montage takes the viewer on a journey that is reflective, contemplative, sometimes unsettling, and ultimately uplifting. Exploring the archive allowed us to convey a predominantly cerebral message in a way that packed an emotional punch.