Jay-Z (Intro Film at Glastonbury Festival)

Princess Productions   |   UK

When Jay-Z was confirmed to perform at Glastonbury there was a furor in the press, particularly from Noel Gallagher from Oasis. He said hip hop would never work at Glastonbury. We were contracted to make a You-Tube type archive mash up to introduce Jay-Z just before he came on stage. It was to give the illusion that world leaders and celebrities were commenting on the decision, inter cut with Noel's comments from BBC Radio and talking heads we filmed ourselves. It was a remarkable success. Reason for Submission: From initial idea to delivering the film took three days. Straight to master for the archive materials, over 20 hours of footage and about three hours sleep a night! It was edited over a period of 24 hours direct into an on-line. It subsequently made international headlines all over the world. "There's a gripping intro film that juxtaposes Noel Gallagher's pronouncements of doom regarding the rapper's suitability for Glastonbury there's no denying its rabble-rousing qualities" The Guardian "Jay-Z's intro tape was great, wasn't it? Noel can take it, they're tough fellas, aren't they? They used to work on a building site, didn't they?" - Michael Eavis.