CBC/Radio-Canada Digital Archives (Website)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation / Canadian Broadcasting Corporation / la société Radio-Canada   |   Canada

The CBC/Radio-Canada Digital Archives Website is a comprehensive collection of 12,000 online television and radio clips that highlight the events, issues and people that have shaped Canada. From political showdowns to legendary artists to natural disasters, this bilingual (English and French) site draws from over 70 years of CBC/Radio-Canada programming and is constantly updated by teams of journalists, archivists and technicians in Toronto and Montreal. Featuring original educational tools, the site attracts up to 500,000 unique monthly visitors and has become a leading source of history in classrooms across Canada. The site requires no registration and access is free. Reason for Submission: Established in 2002 and relaunched with a new look and more tools in March 2008, CBC/Radio-Canada Digital Archives offers unprecedented access to Canada's audio-visual heritage using a combination of multimedia techniques. A large player delivers streaming media that starts automatically, and a new scrolling clip feature traces the chronological development of a story. Interactive features like 'My Archives' encourage users to relish in the historical record by bookmarking clips and sharing their memories through a commenting tool. Committed to accessibility, the site allows visitors with limited vision to modify text size to suit their needs.