The Night James Brown Saved Boston

David Leaf Productions   |   USA

April 5th 1968. It's the day after the assassination of Dr. King. America's inner cities are on fire, and Boston officials hope that James Brown can help quiet their city. This documentary focuses on Brown's extraordinary, history-making concert at the Boston Garden, putting events of that day into the context of the times, and, from the inside, telling the dramatic story of what happened that night, spotlighting this crucible moment in Brown's life. Up to that moment, James Brown had been a great artist, a successful businessman, a civil rights activist and an American patriot. On April 5, 1968, he became a hero. Reason for Submission: When David Leaf came to us and asked us to help produce and head up the archive research and handle the clearances, we didn't hesitate. This was a real story I could relate to as I saw James Brown perform many times while in college in the early 60s in Washington, D.C. and subsequently directed him in a television special in the fall of 1968, encouraging young people to go back to school. We wanted to find footage and audio elements that accurately portrayed what happened that day in Boston and elsewhere during those awful days following Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination. In the process, we found materials that had not been seen or heard since they were created in 1988. We are very proud of this film and the responses we have received from those who lived in those times.