Clever Monkeys

BBC NHU   |   Worldwide

David Attenborough opens our eyes to a monkey world filled with intelligence, love, sadness, empathy, language, lying, social manipulation, stress, and humour. In a wonderful romp through the monkey world, the latest science is used to trace back how we look after our children, our feelings about life and death, the roots of farming and warfare, murder, morality and trust. Attenborough invites us to see monkeys not as animals, ‘but more like rediscovered relatives'. The monkeys themselves are always engaging, whether collecting medicine, breaking their own rules, getting depressed, or using boulders to crack open nuts in time to a Viennese waltz. This was described by Attenborough himself, after recorded his commentary, as ‘an instant classic.' This film is full of disturbing new science, yet it renews our faith in ourselves. We are not just distrustful and manipulative, but love our babies, and have a burning desire to understand and improve our world. We can be proud of being clever monkeys. Reason for Submission: This captivating and informative programme was created using 100% archive footage, it told a compelling and contemporary story.