Graham Hill (Driven)

Mark Stewart Productions   |   UK

An intimate, comprehensive and entertaining portrait of one of Britain's greatest racing drivers. Graham Hill achieved the unique feat of winning the Formula 1 World Championship, the Indy 500 and the Le Mans 24 hour race - the 'triple crown' of motor racing - which no one has equaled since. He also won the Monaco Grand Prix a record 5 times. Away from the circuit, he was a comical and irrepressible free spirit, synonymous of an era when sex was safe - and motor racing was dangerous! Reason for Submission: Portraying the achievements of our long-dead principal character would have been untenable without a great palette of archive to work from. The range of material unearthed during this production included long-lost BBC tapes that even they didn't have copies of, out-take rushes from past productions, family home movies, as well as a number of commercial libraries. We believe these have all been creatively utilized to create a rich tapestry on screen that not only vividly captures the essence of a sporting legend, but crucially also, the arena in which he performed, and the spirit of the times he lived in.