The Great British Foreign Holiday

BBC   |   UK

"The British are an island race abroad is really abroad. Not just across the border but actually over the horizon. It's far away, outlandish, exotic and scary. Frankly, we're terrified of it." The story of the Great British Foreign Holiday as told by Mark Benton. Wall to wall archive with comedy voice over, the programme tells the story of foreign travel from The Grand Tour to Torremolinos. It's a tribute to a world of sunburnt bodies, half built hotels and cut price flights - in short, the terror of "abroad". Reason for Submission: The production was tasked with coming up with unusual footage, archive which hadn't been seen before. They came up with 60' of riveting, funny and bizarre examples of Foreign Holidays past which managed to conjure up a world that seemed both familiar and alien. Working closely with the comedy team, the production created a truly unique take on the Brit abroad and archive programming.