Shark Nicole

NHNZ   |   New Zealand

All the Earth's oceans are home to great white sharks yet for years their movements remained an enigma. Keen to learn more about these magnificent creatures a research team including Michael Scholl and Dr. Ramon Bonfil fit a satellite tag to a female shark Ramon names "Nicole". Drawn by overpowering natural instincts, Nicole will navigate icy cold waters, dive to unfathomable depths, battle hunger and fatigue and outsmart some of the Indian Ocean's most lethal inhabitants. See and feel her ocean home through her eyes and senses - a magical world full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Reason for Submission: Shark Nicole tells the story of an individual shark on an unimaginable journey across the Indian Ocean. To tell Nicole's story, NHNZ drew on a large number of specialist footage sources to showcase the rare behaviour, unique wildlife interaction and seemingly insurmountable challenges faced by this magnificent yet maligned animal. We were determined Shark Nicole would not be yet another “bitey” Shark programme. The use of archival footage to compliment NHNZ's own stock footage and footage shot on location was crucial to break down stereotypes about great whites through the sensitive portrayal of Nicole's story.