Witness: Apartheid, South Africa

BBC Television   |   UK

A clip-based documentary for the BBC's Learning Zone. Using archive footage of first-person testimony and news reports of the time, the programme charts the struggle against apartheid from 1948 to 1994. The footage has been selected to reflect specific and challenging views on apartheid for today's children and young people in order to stimulate discussion. Those directly involved express their views on events which made history, including the jailing of Nelson Mandela, the Pass Laws, the massacres at Sharpeville and Soweto, as well as interviews with Nelson Mandela including one from 1961 whilst still in hiding. Reason for Submission: By using only contemporaneous footage of key incidents in the apartheid struggle, combined with archive interviews with those present at the time, this programme provides a primary source for children and young people. Each item is designed for a teacher to use in the classroom to stimulate debate and discussion across a range of curriculum areas and brings to life the views of the people at the time. Providing a historical perspective for key events, the programme has been constructed without extra commentary so that the events and people speak for themselves.