Crude Britannia: The Story of North Sea Oil

BBC   |   UK

Three 60 minute documentaries for BBC Four combining archive footage and compelling eye-witness accounts, to tell the extraordinary and dramatic narrative of North Sea oil and gas from the 1960s to the present day. The series charts the glorious decades when the country made the most of its North Sea windfall - with scarcely a thought about where it came from, or of the men and women who brought it to us. Through the story of oil the series offers a fresh perspective on British politics and society and a timely insight into the state of our economy today. The stunning archive footage told the story of the oilmen at work in the North Sea, imaginatively combining newsreel and contemporary music. The footage came from a wide variety of less obvious sources to create a vivid sense of the social and political context of the times. We were also able to find several compelling interviewees who actually appeared in the archive footage themselves which added immediacy to an already gripping and dramatic narrative.