L'Enfer D'Henri-Georges Clouzot (Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno)

Lobster Films   |   France

In 1964, Henri-Georges Clouzot choose Romy Schneider aged 26 and Serge Reggiani, 24 to be the stars of Inferno. It was an enigmatic and original project with an unlimited budget that was to be a cinematic event upon its release. But after three weeks into shooting, things took a turn for the worse. The project was stopped and the images which were said to be incredible would remain unseen. These images, forgotten for over half a century, were recently found and are more breathtaking then legend had predicted. Our film shows Inferno as it was shot and tells the story of this magnificent tragedy. Reason for Submission: These 15 hours of film like the mixed pieces of a puzzle probably old the secret of an unprecedented creative process. We found the technicians and actors who participated in the 1964 shoot. We found other elements that were tied to the film: storyboard, photographs and sound recordings which particularly show Marcel's madness. By putting these testimonials and different elements into perspective, we discover the story of a film and see these images in a new light. Watching them, following Clouzot through the maze of his inner madness, only to lose ourselves in a story and in visions which are both stunning and incomprehensible - there lies the mystery of Clouzot.