JFK - 3 Shots That Changed America

New Animal Productions   |   USA

JFK 3 Shots That Changed America is a two-part film that uses unique, rarely seen and heard footage to document the Kennedy assassination and nearly 50 years of speculation following this murder. The archive comes from a range of sources including eyewitness home movies, police radio dispatch, and raw news footage. Part 1 is a shocking, unflinching look at the assassination of the President and the days that followed. Part 2 examines the aftermath of the assassination, and the enduring controversies that emerged as succeeding generations struggled to comprehend the sudden murder of an unforgettable leader.

Reason for Submission:
It was our goal to tell the all-too-familiar story of the JFK assassination in a way never before seen by audiences. Our documentary is 100% archive, an intricate tapestry of images and sounds woven together to create an experiential and evocative story that renders the familiar new and fully engaging. It is our hope that the presentation of archive transports viewers and immerses them in a chaotic and terrifying moment that changed the world. Without a narrator, we place the awesome burden of storytelling squarely on the archive, trusting and honoring the power of these images to tell the story.